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The Soft Launch

HERE WE GO! The book is officially being distributed!!!! I am a published author. I hit send to my distributor at about 10pm the other night and went right to bed. It wasn’t until I woke up the next day that it hit me. One of my lifelong dreams is complete. Here is the link…


The more I write, the more I wish I had just done this from the start. My PhD program is interesting, and I love what I do, but nothing is more fulfilling than reading positive feedback about my pet project (the thief of stormwell). I decided to take a creative writing course online and I…

Thieves Unite

My debut novel is officially past the self-editing stage. After the fourth go around, I’m finally happy enough to unleash it into the world – for BETA READERS! I’m accepting applications in the link “Interested in becoming a beta reader?”. I’ll reach out to a few and provide an e-copy of the book for feedback.…

My Debut Novel

In the winter of 2020, I had an idea for a fantasy novel. Since then, I’ve written 90,000 words (deleted even more), edited 60+ chapters, and cried multiple tears. My work in progress was slowly edging toward completion, a lifelong dream coming to fruition. Imposter syndrome is a friend of mine – one I know…

About Me

Hi, I’m Maddie.

I’m a PhD student who gets away from the monotony of scientific writing by writing fiction. I started to pile up with ideas and so I figured I’d better start rolling them out into the world. I’m so excited to share my ideas and stories for any who will listen.

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