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The Soft Launch


The book is officially being distributed!!!! I am a published author.

I hit send to my distributor at about 10pm the other night and went right to bed. It wasn’t until I woke up the next day that it hit me. One of my lifelong dreams is complete.

Here is the link for the eBook. It’s not everywhere yet, but I’m just so excited! (this link should continue to work once other retailers are added, but for US readers it’s currently at Barnes and Noble)

I’m also announcing a debut sale! The book will only be $0.99 for two weeks starting soon! (I don’t know the dates yet because a certain massive book retailer takes forever to approve not only the book, by my existence as a human) The regular price for the eBook is just $2.99.

I also tried to make the physical copy cheaper, but this is the lowest I can go without me having to pay the costs. Hopefully I can fix that in the future!

So excited to continue this journey. Thanks to all of you who make me cry everyday.

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