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My Debut Novel

In the winter of 2020, I had an idea for a fantasy novel.

Since then, I’ve written 90,000 words (deleted even more), edited 60+ chapters, and cried multiple tears. My work in progress was slowly edging toward completion, a lifelong dream coming to fruition.

Imposter syndrome is a friend of mine – one I know in many aspects of my life. The more I wrote, the more I felt like I was chasing some pipe dream. My husband is a dreamer too – although he’s much more confident. He’s inspired me a lot to just go for it. The worst that can happen is that someone doesn’t like my story and verbalizes it.

This website/blog/promotor is the next step for me “just going for it”. I want a space where I can express the highs and lows of writing, self-publishing, and marketing a story mostly by myself.

I’m also a PhD student, currently working on my dissertation proposal, so there may be hiatuses every now and then. I’m defending soon and then I have all the some time in the world to work on the actual research portion.

My first book is called The Thief of Stormwell. It’s a series (either duology or trilogy) with the second currently in production. It’s a fantasy romance set in a mythical land much different than our current earth. I hope you enjoy it once it’s out and ready to go.

And I hope you stick along for the journey. Today, it’s hard to break through the walls that are social media, where anyone and everyone can put out their content. Money is not my motivator, but the desire to create something that someone loves.

Really, my dream is to have fan art and fan edits of my characters, because I think they’re really cool.

My books will always be dedicated to the readers, but this blog is dedicated to my husband, Cole, who never once doubted me, even when I wouldn’t let him watch my cringey TikTok’s or read the story until it was completely done. He is the reason I believe in myself enough to do this.

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